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APUS Launcher-Small,Fast,Boost 1.7.0

APUs Launcher-Small, Fast, Boost 1.7.0 was released on January 20, 2015. In this version there are changes you can feel later. The changes include:

APUS v1.7.0 Update

1.Gestures are available now.
2.Find contacts in APUS Mobile Search.
3.I’m Lucky! Just try it.
APUS is the fastest and smallest user system in the world, it’s not only a launcher, it brings magnificent experience.

APUs Launcher is an application that is pretty phenomenal. This is because demand very much. It could even beat the Go Launcher which was already popular.

You can download it at the following link.

APUS Launcher-Small, Fast Icon APUS Launcher-Small, Fast Screenshot 1 APUS Launcher-Small, Fast Screenshot 3

APUS Launcher-Small,Fast,Boost 1.7.0

Some download link are broken, you can download APK on this link (APKDAD DOWNLOADER)

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