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Current Version:
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Category: Communication
V1.0.0.70 update:


The OFFICIAL version of BBM™ from BlackBerry is now here for Android. Get the free BBM app for the best way to stay connected with friends and family. Download it now.Chat with friends on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone:
• BBM is always on and always connected – no app to open
• Know when messages have been delivered (D’s) and read (R’s)
• Share photos, files, documents, voice notes and more
• See when contacts are responding to your message
• Emoticons for every mood and emotion let you express yourselfBBM lets you protect your privacy. You control it:
• You chose how to share your information – BBM uses PINs instead of phone numbers or email addresses so that it’s more private and you always control who can contact you
• You chose your contacts – 2-way opt-in means you have control over who is able to message youChat and Share with many at once:
• Groups – BBM groups help you share pictures, lists and appointments with group members. You can even be in a group with people who aren’t part of your own BBM contact list.
• Multi-person chats – Invite multiple contacts to have a chat together.
• Broadcast messages – Send a message to multiple BBM contacts at one time.

Create your own BBM profile:
• Post a profile picture using images, pictures or even animated pictures (GIFs).
• Update your status to let people know what you’re up to or how you feel

Download BBM for free today.


Download from Play Store:
Download from Apkdad:
Update BBM (15 Nov 2013):

Download BBM

Some download link are broken, you can download APK on this link (APKDAD DOWNLOADER)

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114 Responses

  1. Ron says:

    Thanks for this download my cell seems to have problems getting stuff from playstore…you make life sooo much simpler

    Thanks again


  2. nicken says:

    My new bb

  3. micayla says:

    bbm apk

  4. krisna says:

    it always says, unable to connect TT , what is the problem? my phone is running on android 4.0.3 ICS

    • Jamaican2013 says:

      I got that issue to at force, just force closed it in apps, not running apps, installed apps then restarted it and it came up asking if I have a blackberry id, I used my old i.d., got on the waiting list and now its working. ICS 4.0.4

  5. Sam says:

    Thanks for this, it’s greatly appreciated.

  6. Yulia Elvrina says:


  7. Aakash says:

    i m using galaxy ace with custom rom 4.2.2.
    i installed the application successfully…bt on clicking the icon it says “unfortunately BBM has been closed”.
    please suggest what should i do.

  8. Adi Wijaya says:

    Ponsel saya merk Sony xperia dg os android 4.0.4 , m enurut berita yg saya baca bbm sudah bisa di instal pada
    versi 4.0 keatas namun ketika hendak menginstal ternyata keluar keterangan bahwa perangkat saya tidak compateble untuk menginstal .apa benar demikian ? Bisakah

    • amien says:

      caranya daftar/resgitrsi dulu di situs resminya bbm.com. setelah itu download aplikasinya cari yang bukan dari google play,…kmrn q pake 1mobile market appnya dan langsung bisa diinstall mas bro. kemudian setelah berhasil installnya buka dan masukan email registrasi yang dibbm.com.klik next ….tunggu sampe berhasil. jika loading terus silahkan restart handphone anda.dan buka aplikasinya bbm td.dan masukan kembali regristrasi email anda klik next. semoga berhasil

  9. judy says:

    succes on my tab 2 samsung….menyangkal takdir dari blackberry….hahahaha, very tengkiu to this website….u’re great….thank to my friend to ….heehe

  10. Nathan says:

    finally, i can’t wait to have it……wow

  11. Daniel says:

    Please will it work on my tecno p5

  12. ramon says:

    my device is running android 4.1
    but i don’t know how, in playstore this app is incompatible with my device
    it sucks right??

  13. firdhas says:

    nice, work great on sony experia c1605

  14. chaedar says:

    thx you make it easy… i can connect to BBM now…. hohohoho

  15. kay says:

    I can’t even get past the first screen. It says error in connection and I have working Internet connection. Help please.

  16. Mr.Ang says:

    show me how to donlod BBM.

  17. daniel says:

    i downloaded the application on my tecno p5 it installed but wen i try to connet it says connection failed..

  18. danie says:

    how do i register with my gmail acount

  19. Hunny says:

    hi Ron…
    sir i install this app, but unfortunatly again n again a message display that ” NO CONNECTION FOUND, YOUR CONNECTION TO THE WIRELESS NETWORK IS TURNED OFF. RESTORE YOUR CONNECTION AND TRY AGAIN.”
    sir but my data connection is on…i dont no what to do and how to open wireless conncetion .. I m using android 4.O
    help me
    Ron Sir.

  20. athan says:

    I use a techno phantom with android version 4.2.1 but after downloading BBM I couldn’t find it in my menu list and not even among my apps. what do I do

  21. Nige says:

    Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it.

  22. vrr4141 says:

    for “no connection” trouble usually happen on hybrid (cdma+gsm) or dual sim card, try using wifi only or cellular only (switch off one of them) during registration. For custom ROM one, try to change your device name to galaxy SII, or Nexus 7. Good luck, your mileage may vary!
    I successfully download and run BBM on a wifi only Ainol Aurora 1 (yes old one!) with cyanogenmod 10-201209130-UNOFFICIAL-907, android 4.1.1 , model number Nexus 7.

  23. Kumar says:

    thank you thank you! Finally BBM on My Huawei Ascend P6!!!!!!

  24. akshat says:

    There is a parsing error….
    Plz help me

  25. riyo says:

    good apps bbm…….
    bbm bsa bgt dg xperia OS ics……

  26. onochie edward says:

    on d cool

  27. tunde says:

    its unfortunate why ios 2.2 can’t install it

  28. milkotop says:

    beat galaxy mini pale costume ROM job 10.1 visa gag

  29. milkotop says:

    please tell us for Samsung galaxy mini work or not…

  30. madyfekry says:

    Good thnx

  31. odunayo says:

    i hope dis really works out

  32. kumar says:

    Dont use the playstore link for non samsung devices…

  33. emmanuel says:

    i cant register my email address?

  34. justice says:

    I have being waiting for this

  35. obabuike says:

    DoesN’t work on my fone , dunno y… it’s a galaxy tab 2

  36. poetry says:

    Polytron wizard sudah bs ga ya..?

  37. muk_anya says:

    I’m trying to download this app on my Galaxy Note 10.1 N8020 and all I get is that my device is jot not compatible with version of BBM, when are we getting one that’s compatible with this super gadget?

  38. LordB1 says:

    I just downloaded it and it’s requesting I input my email but I didn’t get a mail yet… what’s up with it??

  39. Bbm is available on android…they had some on de bbm website for ppl to subcribe to know wen bbm comes out.

  40. alvaro jali says:

    i wish it can working on my st21i2 😀 hehehehe thank you, boss

  41. Bryan Welch says:

    yakin bisa ?
    buat tab2 samsung?
    tp ini w malah ga bisa ya?
    malah minta atur koneksi?

  42. Sae Pudin says:

    hp saya samsunhg galaxy chat
    sebenarnya bsa nginstal ga?
    udh di cba ga respon jg

  43. Unggu says:

    Thank you so much. it works :)

  44. Rizal says:

    Thank you very much for this apk, at first i cannot find bbm application from google play store or bbm.com it appears message”incompatible device”, now already can use bbm…thanks

  45. bonganizitha01@gmai.com says:


  46. kufre moses udoh says:

    I can’t wait to start using it

  47. nads says:

    it still doesnt work on my galaxy y pro young (galaxy b5510) it doesnt wana insall the apk file

  48. B 1170 MEI says:

    Thx for the apk. It’s worked for my nexus 7.

  49. puti says:

    HP saya samsung galaxy ch@t dan android nya Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4
    waktu buka dari play stor katanya perangkat anda tidak kompatibel..
    waktu saya download dr link lain, bisa tapi masuknya harus ke google play lagi..
    help me…
    teman saya dengan tipe dan merk hp yang sama bisa :(

  50. roselyn glad says:

    Pls I wanna no if I can download bbm on my HTC amaze.

  51. Sam says:

    It isnt working. .Showing some ”no network connection ‘ error.. I am on 4.03 android version. ..Help me!

  52. Adetona Bethel says:

    Hi . thanks for the link. But after downloading through the second optionon my ttechno phantom tab, I couldn’t open it. I’m told there is a Parsing Error. What does that mean, and what can I do?

  53. Sae Pudin says:

    help me
    kasih tau dong biar bsa download?
    soalnya engga bsa2 ni
    hp aku galaxy chat

  54. ozie says:

    gan ko sya instal internet ptus trus yh..knpa yh..

  55. Devil says:

    i am using 4.0.3 it just worked one time always says check connection i tried to forced closed also didnt worked

  56. DeeAnne says:

    i would like to have bbm plz

  57. yosep ganda prasetyo says:


  58. sari kusuma says:

    Please help me :(
    Knpa setelah download malah ada tulisan “There is a problem parsing the package”
    Apa yg salah ya? :( tolng bantuannya
    Terimakasih :)

  59. sekar says:

    kalo di galaxy ace yg udh di ugrade ke jelly bean bisa atau engga?

  60. harry says:

    How to download this app? Because my device is samsung galaxy tab 3
    I had installed the app, but when opened it and signed in, it showed “incorrect device time”, what’s that mean?

  61. Teke Iyalla says:

    Pls how do I download this apps on my HTC android fone?i have been downloading it for a long time but it has not opened

  62. joanne says:

    hey! I downloaded the. apk file three times. And all three times it shows “parsing error: cannot parse the program” – what is that? And how do I get BBM to work probably?

  63. hans says:

    BBM on :
    – galaxy ace – custom rom CM 10.2 : not worked
    – galaxy mini 2 – custom rom CM 10.2 : working good…

  64. blue says:

    hi I am using custom rom cyanogenMod version V6 Samsung galaxy sIII jelly bean 4.2.2 on my Samsung galaxy ace gt s5830 but I can not able to install BBM from playstore and also this above apk is not working on my phone. kindly tell me the solution what to do. which custom rom can allow me to rum BBM on my galaxy ace??

  65. Teke Iyalla says:

    Pls I want to activate my HTC chacha phone I need the apps for it

  66. Rhina says:

    gan, mau nnya.
    samsung young duos sya sudah di upgrade ke ICS, namun masih belum dapat instal BBM android nya.
    boleh minta solusi nya gan??

  67. Nitta says:

    hey……..can bbm work on htc chacha?I downloaded it but a problem in parsing out package. what can i do to make it work?

  68. ayu putri says:

    Kok kalo di nexus 7 yang tablet engga bisa di download ya , dah gitu mana engga ada kamera belakang nya , nyesel dah beli nexus 7

  69. dendi says:

    hp aku galaxy gio terus saya upgrade ke ics pake custom rom CM9. kok bbm nya bisa diinstall tapi pas di jalanin stoped working. minta pencerahannya thanks

  70. Ankur says:

    i have samsung galaxy ace s5830i with android version 2.3.1 gingerbread o.s

    but BBM is not running in this device

    thts not fair BBM should run in all android device

    we are feeling sad whn our frnds showing us BBM in their device

    plz BBM team do something to fulfill our demands


  71. latiep says:

    saya menggunakan experia 10 mini pro dan sudah saya upgrade ke ics tapi tetap saya tidak bisa berjalan aplikasinya,,,menurut rumor chipset x10 mini pro masih menggunakan ARMv6 sedangkan yang suport bb ARMv7,,,akan tetapi di samsung teman saya sama menggunakan chipset ARMv6 tapi work…kendala aplikasi saya tidak bisa berjalan apa y??mohon bantuannya…apakah memang tidak ada solusinya untuk hp saya.???

  72. Egbuji henry says:

    best in communication.

  73. rahel says:

    Hp saya samsung galaxy mini udah diupgrade ke versi 4.2.2 cyanogeod armv6. Bisa di install tapi tiap di klik ikon mya slalu unfortunately bbm has been stopped. Bisa tolongin ga caranya spy bisa?

  74. des says:

    couldn’t install bbm on my AT&T 4.0.3 ics Android. has any one using this version been able 2 do that. pls help!

  75. bijeesh kumar as says:

    hi im useing micromax bolt a35 this app didnot work my phone….why? what will i do?

  76. enda says:

    say samsung wonder versi 2.3.1 gak bisa ya donlod bbm…?!!!!

  77. olaleye says:

    hi, i couldnt download BBM from playstore on my phone and im using TECHNO D5. is there any help you can render please?

  78. sekar says:

    kok di galaxy ace pas download apk bbm nya berhasil, pas dibuka ‘sayangnya, bbm telah berhenti’ knp ya?

  79. jenglad says:

    i luv dis

  80. arvin says:

    saya sudah download bbm apk dari agan tp setelah di ekstrak kok gak ad file aplikasi buat di install ya…???
    mohon pencerhan nya…

  81. john says:

    hi,i wanted to now if bbm would doenload or work on samsung galaxy tab3 7.0 android: 4.1 or i think 4.2 ot sure…thank you

  82. asma says:

    Can i dwnlwnad bbm for my htc amaze…if yes dn how

  83. asma says:

    Hw can i dwnload bbm for my htc amaze

  84. bimo says:

    punya saya ko ga bisa ya kenapa…
    padahal os nya dah saya uprege ke ics asal nya gb…
    ko tetep ga bisa ya mohon bantuan nya..

  85. nosibabe28 says:

    My android is a 4.0.3 and my bbm keeps on saying no connection please help

  86. angah says:

    ade sesape bolh bgi link nk download tros BBM ke fon ace GT-S5830 ?

  87. wahyu says:

    klo buat sonny ericsson experia mini x10 yg masih “android 1.6 donut” ada ga gan app bbm nya

  88. ezhar says:

    knap tdak bias terinstal d smsung galaxy Ace 2?

  89. Arkan Rasyid says:

    Ada Blackberry Mesengger Yang Lebih Older Lagi Gk? Ane Gk Bisa Nih

  90. ezhe alweysy says:

    hp saiyaa kok g bsa di upgred ya…..
    galaxi ace 1
    gmna gaN

  91. candras says:

    kalo ga bisa koneksi coba apus proxy sama port nya( di kosongin jangan di isi)

    if you get “no conection failed” try to remove your proxy and port (at conection manager) leave it empty

  92. jenglad says:

    God is gud

  93. Nathanael says:

    Hp saya Xperia Neo L…
    Sudah 3 kali saya download BBM dari Google play,.di install blh,tpi pas d’buka apk nya sllu ” NO
    mohon bantuan_nya…0:)

  94. novie says:

    Mohon dibantu dong ……..
    Aku punya tablet os ics versi 4.0.3 udh download bbm pas dibuka ada tulisan ada masalah saat mengurai paket trus masuk ke google play dan hanya loading aja please help me… thanks

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