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CM Security Antivirus AppLock 2.4.0

CM Security Antivirus AppLock 2.4.0 has been released on January 11, 2015. At this time there is an update 3 important changes, including:

1. A new side bar, which contains all your favourite features
2. The Vault is updated to Cloud Vault, safer and more useful
3. Fix the photo missing bug of the vault on some devices

CM Security Antivirus AppLockĀ is the best antivirus applications for the Android OS. Until now the only application that provides a comprehensive protection by scanning the entire contents of the smartphone. This application also using the language used in accordance with the user.

This antivirus will also do the repair directly from the various problems that exist in your smarphone. If there is an application that must be updated then this would be a direct antiviral recommend it.

Not surprisingly, this antivirus has been downloaded nearly touched the figure of 500 million downloads.

CM Security AppLock &AntiVirus Icon CM Security AppLock &AntiVirus Screenshot 3 CM Security AppLock &AntiVirus Screenshot 4

CM Security Antivirus AppLock 2.4.0

Some download link are broken, you can download APK on this link (APKDAD DOWNLOADER)

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