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Crime Coast:Gangsters Paradise 16

Current Version: 16
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
Category: Strategy
Size: 45.5 MB
V.16 update:

World launch

Are you so gangster you make Tony Montana look like Hannah Montana? Prove it homie. Pack some heat and hit the streets, it’s time to blitz through Crime Coast.In a lawless city where cops run scared, criminal kingpins are the law. GTA’s got nothin on this town.
Cons and conflict rule supreme as savage thugs are breaking into fray at breakfast, heists and looting at lunch, and mayhem with a side of robbery for dinner. Like an overflowing toilet the scum must to the top of this criminal paradise, and you’re just the thug for the job. No villain can battle through a city solo, and you’re more Charlie Brown than Walter White. Blitzing and breaking rebel gangsters makes you feared by both crooked cops and cons, but first you need some goons. Become their kingpin of combat, conflict and butchery, and you’ll drop carnage on this city like the godfathers of old.

Recruit thugs, henchmen and hooligans to beef up heist crews for skirmishes, and after the mayhem hire bad-boy hustlers to fool the DEA. But don’t fret; we ain’t plundering a few bucks from drug dealing scumbag cons. You’ll earn fortunes from mafioso protection, ram raiding banks with hommies, and running a ruthless criminal empire that makes the Sopranos look like girl scouts. You’ll bring annihilation to rival cartels and make more dough than your fat momma’s pizza chef. Start a city of skirmishes, sin and savage conflict and you’ll become Godfather to a crooked underworld paradise of rebel raiders, goons and crews.
So you’ll commit robbery, send mob henchmen to bully cops, then ride off into the lawless sunset with your ill-gotten fortune like a killer criminal Godfather right? No dice G, don’t let up on the butchery, carnage and annihilation! Once the fray’s done on your turf it’s time to earn dough from heists on the enemy gang’s patch. Take the battle to new crews by raging and raiding their loot. Go it alone for one on one combat; or team up with rival crews for a skirmish and nuke those scumbag cartels straight to the bighouse in the sky.

A lawless paradise needs a villainous bad boss. A kingpin of heists who makes the Corleones look like the Brady Bunch. A Godfather so ruthless you’d order assassins to hit your aunt Ruth. To earn big bucks, bully the DEA and lead the most crooked crew in this crime city, you’ll need the heart of a savage, the brains of a genius, and cojones so big you could wreck a house with em. Oh, and a handgun wouldn’t hurt. Are you ready to become the ultimate Godfather?

More broke than the chairs in the Kardashian house? Don’t fret; it’s free to enter the fray in Crime Coast.

Build a gangsters paradise of ruthless henchmen, crooked cops, hooligan goons and criminal carnage.

Do heists to loot gold, run breaking bad style underworld drugs cartels and order assassinations by savage mob hitmen.

Take a crime city game, ram it with enough mayhem and butchery to make GTA look PG, and you still won’t have nothin on Crime Coast!

Build sinful raider mansions, bad-boy junkyards and secret missile silos to enact total annihilation on rival hooligan gangs.

Busted your wheels in a raid? Need a getaway car? Don’t fret, just gang up on the cops and bum their ride after the robbery!

 Form cartels of villainous mafioso mobsters with other gangs and enjoy the cruel rush that comes from raiding goons who are weaker. Fun ain’t it?

Snitch on your scumbag hommies then plunder gold from their gang while they’re fretting with rage after the DEA found their secret drug stash.

Be a real Kingpin with gangs of raging killer henchmen. Hand over handguns and nukes then let them loose into skirmishes, frays and lawless thuggery.

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While Crime Coast is free to download and play, some game items can be purchased for real money.
A network connection is also required.

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