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Robot Dance Party 1.0.7

Robot Dance Party – There are lots of Android applications which you should install it on your own Android phone or tablet. One of them is Robot Dance Party which recently updated to new version, Robot Dance Party 1.0.7. Robot Dance Party 1.0.7 should be downloaded from Google Play Store where the link can be obtained on this post. Meanwhile, below is detail from the application.

Features of Robot Dance Party 1.0.7 for Android

There are a number of features which you’ll be able to find in Robot Dance Party 1.0.7. This is full features of the application, including new features in Robot Dance Party 1.0.7

Robot Dance Party, the first mobile rhythm game of its kind, challenges you to assemble your own quirky robot out of a mash-up of scavenged parts in order to compete against other robots in mini rhythm dance battles. The parts you choose not only affect the look and personal style of your Dance Bots, but they determine how you dance, making for fun and entertaining gameplay.

After a long day of performing repetitive tasks for humans, robots just want to let off some steam on the dance floor. As the rhythmic beat penetrates their sensors, a competitive spark shocks the room into rival dance battles. These Dance Bots have a knack for crafting new dance styles and unique movement based on their customized assembly.Get ready to dance your nuts and bolts off. It’s the year of the robot!

☆ Build Your Bot and Your Boogie – Customize your robot with different parts for the head, arms, torso and legs. Mix and match the parts that have a built-in magnetism for certain songs to score maximum points.
☆ Dance Til You Short Circuit – Get down in solo mode, throw down in player versus player competitions, and relive your glory with instant replays sharable on Facebook.
☆ Bust a Move – Pull off a perfect dance sequence and backup dancers will slide in to boost your score. Go wild in freestyle mode and finish the dance with your own personalized strike-a-pose stance.
☆ Collect Special Dance Moves – Score big to unlock special dance moves that can be performed with a little rewiring, such as the Helicopter, the Spacewalk, Go Bananas, and of course, the Robot. Collect these moves and many more to show up the competition.

Robot Dance Party Robot Dance Party

What’s new in Robot Dance Party 1.0.7

-Re-assessed Salvage Bot’s sorting algorithm to improve Part Sorting in the Junkyard
-Improved Battle stability and functionality
-Plus, Exterminator Bot fumigated the factory and got rid of several pesky bugs

Interested to set up Robot Dance Party 1.0.7 into your Android gadget? Just try this link to download Robot Dance Party 1.0.7 directly into your Android device. You can obtain Robot Dance Party 1.0.7 apk too from other websites.

Some download link are broken, you can download APK on this link (APKDAD DOWNLOADER)

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