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WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.476

WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.476 has been released today December 31, 2014. In this release there are improvements on some bugs and improved performance. Different from other applications, updates whatsapp is a must, because if not, the application will not be able to walk again.

Whatsapp until today is still the most popular chat application worldwide. At the beginning of its use whatsapp not be charged while in the following year there costs about one dollar.

The main advantage of whatsapp is a simple display and use the phone number as the primary identification. So that the first use whatsapp had been able to have a lot of friends when in contact many are using whatsapp.

Features whatsapp also growing now sending photos can be accompanied by the title picture and of course now also able to send video. Not many games Likewise emote and other chat applications, but instead it gives whatsapp a simple and efficient image. Because not everyone likes the game and excessive emote.

You can download the latest whatsapp on the following link.

WhatsApp Messenger Icon WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot 1

WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.476

Some download link are broken, you can download APK on this link (APKDAD DOWNLOADER)

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